Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gold Bar Scam - Best Genius / Uni PayMUKU (MUGU) JAMES, the Managing Director and Ms. Maria, the personal assistant for the M.D. (mad dog) from Best Genius IS A FRAUD AND CHEATER, DON’T BELIEVE HIS BUSINESS HE WILL CHEAT YOU. This is a big cheating teams planed to operations internationally these cheating team having 100s of companies in Malaysia and Internationally. One Mr: Abdul Aziz from Aluva/ Perumbavoor approached us to invest money for business we will give you 20% every month with principal amount. He convinced me and I joined with UNIPAY 2 U under the Best Genius Malaysia. Company is paid Initial 6 months regularly. After that Mr: MUKU JAMES directly comes to us and his polish talk and his style our un Luck we fall in to this dirty line. Initially he paid properly that confidence I informed all my friends and relatives. Everybody is invested their money. After getting huge bulk money company is not paid to us. After that we came to know his all the branches closed and he vanished from India. Now he settled In Malaysia very well with our hard earn money. we went his office at Puchong Malaysia and asked office people nobody is responding and he send Gundas to our house and threatening to our family. We are poor people from villages. We don’t have the Mafia connections. Please don’t fall in this type companies FRAUD BUSINESS. We came to know he is already another business planning Middle East and India again. Please don’t trust this company or any person from this team, Mr: MUKU JAMES offered money to Police officers to keep us quiet and give trouble to our family. If anybody is getting any information like this business please inform everyone to protect from these CHEATING devils.


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